Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Eugene: Week Two (Part 1)

On Sunday, I hitched our new Burley to the back of my new bike and took the kids down to Amazon Park for the afternoon. We live on a hill, and I haven't ridden a bike since we moved to Oakland in 2001 - but I made it back ok. The new bike gears down really well. I was sore on Monday, but I hitched the Burley to the back of the bike again and away we went - This time for a brief stop at the park, and then downtown to the library. What was really cool is that for much of the ride downtown I was on bike only paths or bicycle-designated streets.

Today I was *really* sore.

So, I decided not to ride the bike today, to take it easy. I thought I would put the kids in the wagon and go for a walk down to the park. Only once we were there, I looked at the map and decided to walk a little farther, to another park we had not been to. It turned out to be much farther away than I was planning to walk. Did I mention that we live on a hill?

I have more to write about Week Two, but right now I need to fall face down on the carpet and not move for a while. I'll be the one with the neglected kids crawling all over me.