Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Eugene: Week Three

Last Sunday I was at Amazon Park with my daughter and The Baby when I got a phone call from a principal at a school here in Eugene about interviewing me for a position. This was very exciting because I had not had any calls yet. The interview was set for Thursday morning. House-bean and Number One Son had left for Oakland, to take care of some business related to finishing the work on our house preparatory to putting it on the market, and were expected back on Wednesday. The upshot of it all is: They got back late late late Wednesday night, I got to my interview ok and thought they liked me, and on Thursday afternoon we met with a realtor and I met my Dream House.

We decided on Thursday evening to make an offer on Dream House. This was risky; our house hasn't sold yet and I still didn't have a job - but was hoping for a job offer very soon. On Friday we met with the realtor and signed all the papers for the offer...and headed off to the Oregon Country Fair, which if you haven't ever been to, you really should go. We had a wonderful and exhausting time at the fair. On Saturday morning we learned that our offer had been accepted on Dream House. On Monday, we met with The Money Lady to apply for our High Risk, No Doc, Bridge Loan. SCARY STUFF. And right after I got out of the Money Lady meeting, I got the phone call telling me that I was not going to be offered the job.

So, ending the week excited about the house, scared about not having a job, and frantically searching and applying for SOMETHING. I'm pulling together applications for jobs at U of O, and have submitted applications for a couple of jobs with City of Eugene. Something will turn up. Everybody chant with me: SOMETHING WILL TURN UP. I WILL HAVE A JOB SOON.