Monday, January 28, 2008

Vernon & Irene Castle

This is what happens when you allow your children to watch too many Astaire/Rogers movies.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beginning the year

We started out the year going sledding on New Year's Day with Donna.

All the kids had a blast. We went up to HooDoo ski area, which has a special (very fast) tubing area, which is where NOS spent his day with Donna. We took the littler ones over to the bunny hill for some somewhat gentler sledding.

Then yesterday, it being NTS's very own second birthday, we had a little party for him.
Much fun was had by all, and I got to end the day at the Stitch'n'Bitch!

Actual conversation with 2-year old

[Scene: Mom is putting Toddler into his car seat in the van on a very grey, overcast winter day in the Pacific Northwest]

Toddler: The moon! I see the moon!

Mom: [looking] No, that's the sun.

T: The moon! The moon!

M: The sun!

T: No, the moon, mommy!

M: The moon then, if it pleases you.

T: [after a pause] The sun.

M: Then God be blessed, it is the blessed sun. But sun it is not if you say it is not, and the moon changes even as your mind!

T: I change mind.