Saturday, October 15, 2005

Some things that make life more bearable

KPIG is now broadcasting in the Bay Area, at 1510 AM. This brings a refreshing breath of S'Cruzin up here to the Metropolis. I can arrive at work with a smile on my face, now, because outside of the car it's MacArthur Boulevard, but inside of the car it's Highway 1.

My application for an Oregon Teaching License is in the mail.

The borage is coming back up. I think it is wonderful that borage comes up in the early spring, before you have even the faintest hope of cucumbers in the garden, is over-blowsy and going to seed when the cucumbers are in their full swing, and then starts coming back up just after you have to rip out the cucumber vines in the fall. The flavour of cucumbers has been sustaining me through this pregnancy.

Number-one daughter is becoming more fluent. What amazes me is that she has these words in her vocabulary that didn't even exist when I was her same age, like "DVD" ("I want to watch a Deeveedeevee!") and "IPOD." I'm quite sure I didn't know the word "computer" until much later in my life. She knows that if she wants to look at pictures that is where she should go. But she also knows where the tomatoes and cucumbers come from, and that food comes from plants and animals. Oh, but she is urban; the other day she said to me, "Cars go bvvvvvv, bvvvvv, bvvvvvv, bvvvvvv" (That's the closest I could come to spelling it, the sound she made was that of the overly-loud bass beat vibrating the car that is so common, here).

The Grub "Number-two something" is running out of room and becoming more squirmy and insistent on space. The good news is, I'm on iron supplements now and have more energy. The other good news is no news, I haven't had a phone call from my midwife about the three-hour glucose tolerance test I had a week ago, so I'm taking that as meaning that I don't have gestational diabetes. But I am definitely sick of being pregnant, we're in the last two months of Oh-Jeez-Get-This-Thing-Out-Of-Me-ness. Just the perfect time to have a party to perk things up a bit and remind me that, yeah, this is a good thing I'm doing. Oh, and Her Wendyness Appearing All the Way From Michigan will be attending that party, which is the best news I've had all month.

And October is my favourite month. And it rained last night.