Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am the goddess of all that is good

This morning I took a bath with Number One Daughter (which is getting increasingly difficult to do, as there is less and less room available for said daughter, let alone any water). We usually sing in the tub. Today the song that occured to me to sing was apparently a new one for her. I regaled her with all 6 verses of "BINGO" as in "There was a farmer had a dog and...," you know the rest. She lay there in the water and gazed at me in open-mouthed reverence. Completely agape, such adoration radiating from her face as if to say, "You Goddess-Mommy, you have such knowledge of all that is magical and wonderful, I am in awe of your wisdom. Please sing that gorgeous song for me again."

I'm taking advantage of every one of those moments, because I know that I will not always be so amazingly powerful.