Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Finally, the rain!

This is one I probably won't be crowing about once we move up north. But, here in California, it is finally raining! OK, Schpritzing. But it's wet, and the roads are slick and people are crashing into each other all over the place! And the greening can begin.

Even looking at that cute picture of Number One Daughter is not enough to lighten my mood these days. Even having the real deal looking me in the face can't do it. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE, no excuses, just 100% UNCOMFORTABLE ALL THE TIME. I'm afraid that my relationship with this new child isn't getting off to a great start, as I spend quite a lot of time yelling at it things like GET YOUR FOOT OUT OF MY RIBS DAMMIT or WHATEVER THE HELL YOU ARE DOING CUT IT OUT! I am really hoping that once it is born, all those endorphins and hormones kick in so that I can actually love it.