Monday, December 31, 2007

Scooters and Skates

NTS got a wee leetle scooter for Yule. He rode it around the house, very gingerly, and the first couple of times we took him over to the park he insisted on standing on it and being pushed. He watched me and his older brother ride it a bit, and yesterday something - just- clicked and all of a sudden he was really pushing himself around on it. The video below is from today. We found the razor scooter for NOS at Goodwill yesterday, and you can see how icy it was today when NOS slips in it for a second:

Another video of the kids at the park today. NOD is wearing the roller skates we found at St. Vinnie's yesterday (Goodwill and St. Vincent's are right next-door to each other, and we were looking for, and found, a snowsuit for NOD).

Notice the trick dismount from NOS. Also, the ever-present gum. Ah, eleven...

Also, at the end of that video you can see NTS mired in the grass and trying to turn his scooter around. About an hour after I took this video, he figured out how to turn the scooter so he can actually go around corners, now.

It never got above 30 degrees F, today, and GRAY!