Friday, June 29, 2007

The case for organized crime

Because all of this disorganized crime leads to STUPID CRIMINIALS.

And speaking of stupidity, make sure you read the paragraph in that article about one of their victims, Virginia Thackwell. Virginia, darling, WHAT THE HELL KIND OF STUPID PERSON IS WALKING AROUND WITH $400 (cash) IN HER WALLET? Oh, wait, I guess it would be someone who has a $600 Prada wallet to carry it in. And her response to the theft?
"They are really slick," Thackwell said. "Now I'd like to have revenge. They are awful people. I want them to march down Market Street naked."
Wow, there's some modern, liberated thinking there. Why don't we also cut their hands off? I hear that's a popular punishment for theft in some of the more advanced societies.

(The House Bean has suggested that we should all march down Market Street naked, but I really don't advise that, especially in June or July in San Francisco, because you'll freeze your tookies off.)

So once again, the case for more organized crime. Guilds (alá Terry Pratchett). Mafia. International Corporations. I'm talking STANDARDS, here, people!