Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Toddler Zen

Last night while we were snuggling and reading some books in bed, Number-One Daughter looked out the window and recited the "Star light, star bright" mantra, which she knows by heart. "Do you want to know what my wish was, mommy?" she asked. Of course! "I wished to have hot chocolate and tea and eggs for breakfast tomorrow." As I was musing on how down-to-earth that was, and how achievable, she asked me what my wish was. "Ummmmmm....," and I panicked, trying to think of something that....that...REAL, but all I could think of was the old standbys like World Peace or Financial Security. Thinking smaller, all I could get to was a Snow Day, which I know is totally not going to happen for a while, maybe until next January. And I'm very, very cautious about what to wish for, because I Might Get It, like wishing to be able to spend more time with my family and having that manifest as losing my job...Well, as I was frantically trying to think of something good, she says to me, "I know what your wish is, mommy. Your wish is to have granola and tea for breakfast tomorrow."

Phew! And I got my wish, too!