Sunday, February 18, 2007

Good news

I passed the PRAXIS Subject Matter Content Exam (Mathematics), one of the hurdles to getting my OR teaching credential. 158 out of 200, and thanks to them for including the average score range, which is 128 to 157. It takes 138 to pass. I'm getting to feel like a big ol' brain, for a change.

Next stop, the proofs exam. This one has five proofs to give, and graded by how well "they" think you've done the proof. A colleague of mine took that exam the same day I took the subject matter one. I was waiting for my test results to come before registering in the second one.

*BIG SIGH OF RELIEF* That's one thing to cross off the list, for now.

I really needed the good news. There's something icky going on at work, that I had to leave behind for the weekend without resolving. And I woke up this morning with a bad stomach/intestinal bug that had me wanting to die until about 2pm, and then only somewhat miserable since then. The Housebean has been more than patient and very loving and I feel so lucky to have him.