Friday, December 16, 2005

No baby yet, but...

...We're getting the SF Chronicle again in the mornings, which gives me more time to peruse the day's stories over tea and breakfast. So we get laughter, frustration, and tears first thing in the morning. Take, for example, this article which appeared yesterday. A quote:

In an interview with Fox News, Bush said he hopes DeLay, a fellow Texas Republican, will be cleared of charges that he illegally steered corporate money into campaigns for the Texas Legislature and will reclaim his powerful leadership position in Congress.
"I hope that he will, 'cause I like him, and plus, when he's over there, we get our votes through the House," Bush told Fox News' Brit Hume."

Wow, Mr. President! Really powerful words, there!

Today, Jon Carroll took on the whole "Happy Holidays" v. "Merry Christmas" nonsense. An excerpt which would have made me snort my milk up my nose had I been drinking milk at the time:

"...if you'd told me a decade ago that I'd live in a world where "happy holidays" would become a flash point of controversy, I would have asked for a damp washcloth and nine Valiums."


Finally, here's an editorial by Dick Rogers about mathematics/arithmetic and the media.

I'm really planning on having the baby very, very soon. However, The House Bean and I have figured out the problem: My mother-in-law is not flying in until Wednesday morning. We know now that she is in cahoots with the baby and has made a deal with it not to be born until she is here. We know we are right because she probably talked to God about it also, and being Mormon she has a direct line. My own mother used this tactic (except not the Mormon part) when Number One Daughter was going to be born. NOD conveniently did not arrive until my mother had arrived on the scene. Number Two Something apparently knows which side its bread is buttered on, also.