Monday, November 12, 2007

The new czicken palazz, at work

We finally finished the new tractor several weeks ago, but I never got a picture of it in action. I made this tractor four feet wide (the width of my veggie beds) and six feet long (my beds are 15 feet long). The girls are now employed in scratching and fertilizing my garden for me. Up until Saturday, they were positioned over the end of this particular bed, and we moved them a few feet further down so they could get at some fresh vegetation. It only takes them about two days to completely denude a 4x6 section of dirt. The dirt in the foreground is where they were up until Saturday. After we moved the tractor, I forked it up (they also compact the dirt where they walk, and it gets horribly uneven where they scratch and fluff), raked it smooth and seeded it to crimson clover (because I didn't have any winter rye).

Dorothy, behind bars