Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hotel a la Swing

Roughly one half of our household is down with the stomach/intestinal flu. Well, NTS is not exactly down, he's just puking about once a day and nursing a whole lot. I'm the one who is more affected by it. Went in to work yesterday anyway, just to grade tests and get my progress reports done, and when I came home the House Bean was about to put on an Astaire/Rogers movie, Swing Time, for NOD. That fit in perfectly with my idea of how to spend a sick, flu-buggy afternoon, so I settled down, draped in children, to watch as well.

Afterwards, we did a bit of exploring on the DVD. They've included, on the DVD, a cartoon and a short feature, the other things you'd be expecting to see if you actually attended the theatre in the 1930's (there's no newsreel, unfortunately). The short feature was Hotel a la Swing, which had some cute musical numbers in it. There's this weirdly-conceived dance number called "Holiday in Hades" which starts out with a bunch of dancer-starlet types in cheesy satin "devil" outfits dancing around with pitchforks...who then give way to some guy in what looks like bondage gear doing a modern dance with this Frank-n-Furter-looking woman (hair and eye makeup!) in this really flowy too-long dress. That modern dance interlude featured some amazing moves, and was really a highlight to the whole thing. But then the starlets crowd in again, and finish the tap-dance finale to "Holiday in Hades" while the two modern dancers pose in the background. Very strange.

NTS wishes to add this: v c