Sunday, May 27, 2007

The cemetary on the hill

Yesterday we all went up the hill to Mulkey Cemetary. It is very prettily situated at the top of a hill that at one time would have had beautiful views of both the coastal range and the Cascades, but now houses and yards are in the way. The House Bean spent some time weeding and helping solve a flagpole problem, and I chased the kids around and tried to keep them from removing all the flags and flowers from the gravesites.
Later in the afternoon we went to the Buddha-Q at Horton Road Organics, and hung out with a bunch of Zendo folk at the farm. Didn't bring the camera for that one. We bought shares at the farm for this season, so we'll know exactly where our vegetables are coming from, as well as the people who grew them. It is a very peaceful place in a little valley in the coastal mountains. Unfortunately, it is looking like the hill behind the farm will be clearcut this summer. Number Two Son had a blast running all over the place. He was right at home. It is really too bad that I didn't have the camera to get a shot of him taking a ride on a hand truck that he pulled out and brought to me. Next time.