Monday, September 25, 2006

AND FINALLY... update.

I am in heaven.

My job is Fantastic. While my classes are crowded (I have something like 170 students, total), I'm having a blast. It's a little bit of an adjustment, working to the high-school crowd, but I'm working with it. The staff is awesome, and get this...

From our new house I have a 3-mile commute to work. I've been riding my bike, since we're on the Fern Ridge Bike Path. The bike path runs along Amazon Creek.

It's wonderful.

There's a pair of Great Blue Herons who I see almost every day, standing in the creek, fishing. And there's always ducks. OH, and nutria (blech, but there's got to be some downer, right?). But almost every day, I get the high of having either ducks or a heron taking off or landing in the creek right along side of me. This morning the two herons were flying right alongside me - They crossed the path from left to right, then from right to left...good thing they were a little ahead of me by then, because one of them let out a bit SPLAT right across the path on the way over.

Number One Daughter has figured out that she can go to the park almost any time she asks, because we're right next to it. And she met another girl, who is just her age, who lives just on the other side of the park. And her dad stays at home with her, so House Bean has somebody to hang out with, also.

So in other words, I seem to have the life I've always wanted. Everything seems to be just right. And I feel like the Universe is saying to me, Well, are you going to be happy, now? Because here's all you said you needed.

I am.