Monday, August 07, 2006

Jumping on the boob bandwagon

All the controversy over the BabyTalk Magazine cover has sparked a response from Mommy Bloggers who are posting their photos of Real BreastFeeding (see Jen's blog). I dug into my electronic photo album and found this picture, which was taken in January when my son was just a couple of weeks old, and my daughter was two-and-a-half:
The title for the photo is "Earth Mother."

So many people (women!) wrote into the magazine to complain about how "disgusting" their cover photo was. What?! Now I guess I can say I've been lucky. I've breastfed almost everywhere I've gone with my babies, including standing in the checkout line at Trader Joe's (when my daughter was an infant - I wore her in her sling and she fed right through the checkwriting and all). Nobody has ever said anything to me about it, and it's a darned good thing, too, because they certainly would get an earful about infant care.

Thanks, Jen, for posting.