Thursday, January 12, 2006

Week and a half update and I Must Taunt Dooce

Charlie has become a sleepin', nursin', poopin' pro. He's a perfect baby. Our day is not complete without at least one Total Diaper Blowout, involving many, many wipies and cries of "HAZMAT! Containment!" from at least one parent. As of last Saturday, that is five days after his birth, he had regained his birth weight, so it was all uphill from there. And boy, does he ever eat. As a matter of fact, he needs to learn to pace himself. After every other feeding he erupts a couple of mouthfuls of breastmilk and then looks around drunkenly.

Number One Daughter is adjusting to the changes. She's reverted to the bottle and we've temporarily given up on serious potty training, she's also been rather more needy of being held lately. She's also totally and completely in love with her baby brother. She's such a mom, what I really worry about is her trying to pick up Charlie when I've set him down.

Now for the Taunting Dooce part.

Heather, you've told us all about your and your daughter's poop habits and various other scatological details. However, you have neglected to share something else that I *know* must bge going on. Your daughter is seven months younger than mine. My daughter, whenever her diaper is off, has both hands between her legs and is working away down there, a three-mile wide grin on her face. Oh, she's discovered her happy place, all right. If she's wearing a disposable diaper, she'll even reach through the elastic to go at it. Between that at my baby son getting a stiffie whenever he gets his diaper changed, well, we have interesting times here.

So come on, Dooce, spill the beans! This must be happening in your household, also! I cannot believe otherwise. You're not letting that Mormon upbringing hold you back, are you?